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Re: Flying Foxes

On Tue., 02 Mar 1999 19:54:38 PST "K Will"  <steelwill27 at hotmail_com>

I saw flying foxes mentioned in somebodies post about algae. Do they do
as good a job as SAEs? I haven't been able to find any SAEs in my area,
but have found FFs. They're supposedly a little aggressive and I
wondered if they would harass the betta and tetras in my tank. My tank
is only 30 gals, so I could probably get away with only one.



Check the Flying Foxes out very closely, they may be SAE's.  I found
true SAE's at a LFS here in the Twin Cities area labeled as Flying

I know there are some good photos and illustrations on the web of what
all these little guys look like, I just can't seem to find the link to
it right now.  As I recall, the site is in Denmark.  (My bookmarked link
seems to be inactive right now.) Maybe someone else out there will be
able to provide it.

Jay Bickford
Savage, MN