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Extra plants anyone?

I have some ceratopteris and some riccia.  The ceratopteris are two different species,
the first is a wide leaf type that seems to grow best when left floating (5 plants about
5" across).  The other type looks like the c. thalictroides from the tropica online
catalog.  I have a few plants (about 5) from 6" to 22" (it was taking over a corner of a
55 gallon) and a clump or two of riccia fluitans (I just have a few too many clumps for
the tank).

If anyone want these please send me an email.  I would like to get them to someone who
has something to trade.  (vals, anubias, small swords, etc.)  I don't really care about
perfect specimens, just something to play with.  SAE's will also be considered ;-).
Email me if you are interested.

The LFS decided that they didn't need any of it without even listening to what I had.
Looks like they don't need my business after all.  If I don't hear from anyone then they
will be unfortunately tossed.

In NC where I am procrastinating studying for an EE exam.