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reflectors and names

A while back I saw what I will use for a reflective material when I 
reconstruct my aquarium hood and stand.  An un-named home improvement 
company with the initials HD sells rolled aluminum in a variety of 
widths from 6 to about 36 inches.  

The aluminum is already quite shiny and thin enough that it should be 
pretty darn easy to work with.  I'm going to use it because it will 
offer the ability to both shape and polish easily.  Shape it by hand or 
rubber hammer, polish it with a dremmel or car polisher and fine 
automobile rubbing compound.  It'll cost you 15 bucks for enough for 
probably 5 or 6 four foot hoods.

As for the names, I really wouldn't worry about it, if I figure out 
George and Steve's addresses I won't be doing anything malicious, but I 
will decide for myself who 'grows 'em the best'.  I do however feel that 
people who use handles are taken less seriously, but that's their 

Colin 'I even have an initial in my email address' Anderson

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