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Tetra Initial D Sticks

Just thought I'd mention my only experience with these sticks. Tank
parameters: 20g tall (imagine 2 10g tanks on top of one another), 2 15-watt
fluorescent bulbs, glass top, no CO2 injection, and a Penguin 170 at the

2 various smallish Amazon swords, 1 small stand each of C. wendtii and C.
pecketti(sp?), 2 huge Apon. bulbs which would not stop flowering, 2 tiny
Anubias, and 1 unknown vallisnaria (vertical red streaks length of leaves).

My only fertilization had been package directions of Tetra's liquid
mostly-iron fertilizer (sorry, forget the name right now) the day after
every biweekly 30% water change. On using these sticks my tank turned cloudy
for weeks and weeks :) Yes I stuck them in as directed. Even after removal
of what was left of the sticks, many water changes, and use of flocculents,
it still took me 2 months to clear the tank back to something close to
normal. I think I threw them in my basement. Anyone want some free

P.S. Sorry I haven't mentioned this before, but you might want to check out
your local PETsMART. About 2 weeks ago I got the cutest little fish labelled
"gold neon tetras." They have the standard albino color body, with a slight
neon bluish streak, and the coolest glowing blue eyes. I paid the regular
neon price of $.99 each, since their SKU didn't work. :)