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Re: Axolotl tank

Karen Randall wrote:

> BTW, I grow Bolbitis at 68F in my son's unheated Axolotl
>tank, and at 78F in other tanks.  It grows bigger and faster in the warmer
>tanks, though that's probably not the deciding factor.  It also gets better
>light, supplemental CO2 and regular nutrient supplementation in these
>larger tanks.

I know this post was awhile back, but I admit to being behind :)  Just
to comment on my 29g unheated axolotl tank. I have one of these, and it has
the least maintenance of any tank I own. Water is filled 25% of the tank and
filtered by a Penguin powerhead with sponge. I do 50% water changes about
every 6 months. Occupants include the 4 year old albino axolotl, his 2
3-inch shubunkin buddies, and whatever feeder fishes he lets swim around.
These fish get a little fish flakes 2-4 times a week depending if I remember
them. Only plants are a handful of java moss that manages to keep up with
the nibbling goldfish, and 3 medium banana plants with 3-inch lily pads. I
also admit to never changing the light. :)

In not-so-snowy Michigan