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Re: tin foil as reflector

>Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 15:03:37 -0700
>From: ruddigar at home_com
>Subject: Re: DIY light reflector ideas

>Why not try some tin foil.  It's nice and shiny and reflects light well.
>Try to keep it as flat as possible because the wrinkles will reflect the
>light in any direction.

>Jason Miller

Be careful when using tin foil as reflector. When water condenses on the 
tin foil it will oxidize, and when this gets into the water it's toxic!!
I use it myself but have to change the tin foil every couple of weeks and
clean the ceiling of the hood. BTW I think wrinkles (not too many) might do
a better job spreading the light. 

Hugo Hoekstra