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Re: DIY reflector ideas

I have been using all the free internet trial CDs I get in the mail, as coasters for
my coffee table.  They work pretty well at preventing water rings on the wood, look
kind of neat, and are free.  Maybe I should consider putting them to work over my
aquarium instead!  

Jennifer Glover

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> Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 19:18:15 +0100
> From: "H. Hoekstra" <hugo at greed_nl>
> Subject: Re: DIY reflector ideas
> >I'm in the middle of another DIY lighting project and I am looking for
> >reflector ideas.
> >I love to use common items and make them work for my hobby.
> >Your ideas would be appreciated
> I have to say this is not my idea, it was an investigation of the Dutch
> Aquarium Society. They found out that the best DIY reflectors were the back
> of CD's (!). (just old or damaged ones) They have the best and most powerful
> reflection (even better than mirrors), are the lightest, easy to work with and
> are waterproof, they don't oxidize in any way. Only problem is you got to ask
> everyone you know to gather enough old CD's. 
> Best regards,
> Hugo Hoekstra
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