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Re: Light choices

Hallie Ray wrote:

> I found some 36" fluorescent bulbs at WalMart today, about $6 each, that
> are "kitchen and bathroom" bulbs, which are supposed to give a "more
> natural lighting."  Anyone have any information on these as plant light
> bulbs?

"More natural" when compared to cool white lights.  They grow plants just
fine, but probably lots of folks won't like the color of the light.
You'll have to judge for yourself whether the color is acceptable.  I find
it similar to late afternoon sunlight.

> And do Chroma 50s come in 36"?  If so, where does one find them?

I believe they do come in 36" sizes.  Check the lighting section in a
well-stocked home supply centers.

Then Mike G. wrote:

> For those who have them, where are you getting your Chroma bulbs from? Do
> they come in 36" length? For those who are in the know, in a dual strip
> hood, would you recommend 2 Chroma 50's or 1 Chroma 50 & 1 Chroma 75?

*I* would use two Chroma 50's, but that's just me.  If you mix a 50 and 75
you might get a little more show out of fish with blue irridescence.

Roger Miller
In Albuquerque