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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #877

Hummerts International sell a product that you might be interested in. 
It's a metalized reflective film used in greenhouses as a reflective
surface for HID (High intensity Discharge) lights.  I've used it in our
greenhouse and it works well and it's sounds a lot cheaper than the 3M
stuff. 1 mil-4' x 25' for $10.10, 2 mil-4'x 25' $18.50  I use the 2-mil
because it's a little tougher.  Just spray the inside of your canopy
with a spray adhesive and attach the film. Good luck:)

Dan Waletzko
Fellow Aquarist 

At 03:48 AM 2/28/99 -0500, Chris Wells wrote:
>So far I have the following ideas for a reflector:
>Use 2  reflectors off of shop lights
>Your ideas would be appreciated

Dave Gomgerg wrote:
There is a product for just this purpose.  It is called Silverlux and it
ismade by 3M.   The hard part is that it costs about $2 per square foot
(that's not too bad) but the mimimum order is 2000 square feet!!!!!!   I
would love to find someone with a roll (48" wide) that would sell by the
inch.   Haven't found anyone yet.   Maybe I can yet find a roll end.