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Reflective Lighting

I set up a friends tank some time ago and after seeing their light and
deciding that it was substandard went ot and bought a new light.  On the
way I was thinking back to the days when I was raising the absolutely
best plants in my area.  I had closets lined with tin foil to increase
the light and use it from different angles.  So I bought some tin foil
and and lined the reflector.(White is a good color for reflecting light
but tinfoil, mirrors are better)  I promptly forgot that it was there.
About 2 weeks later began noticing the plants had been doing much
better.  The next week alge blossomed like you wouldn't believe. (Well
some of you would)  Since this tank is expose to direct sunlight on one
side I believed this to be the cause.  I noticed that the plants were
growing in on both sides.  I concluded at that point that it was the
light and not the sunlight.  I checked it and then I remembered
ohhhhhh...  I did gather some conclusins at that point.
The light was reflected so strongly and was more intense then actual
sunlight.  The plants that were exposed to both were headed toward the
light and not the window.
Watch how you fertilize when doing this.  Your Plants and Alge will be
able to use whatever you put in there.  Wildgrowth WILL occur.  Alge
WILL bloom if there is fertlizer in the water column.
Fish that so not like bright light will not like this (discus and the
If you us an incandesant light heat will also be reflected.
I did get phenominal growth and was satisfied with the results and
promptly did all my aquariums.