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Re: 16ppm Nitrate tap water

"But, NO3 kit saids my tab water is 16ppm NO3.(3.7Nitrate-N)
I mean I can't remove Nitrate from my aquarium by waterchange.
What am I suppose to do? Is this tap water O.K for waterplanting?"

This is not terribly bad.  Now that you are aware of the challenge, it means
a somewhat more aggressive approach to managing nitrates.  I'd suggest
following the PMDD approach and get all the other inputs optimized (light,
micronutrients, CO2) so that the plants can use this nitrate quickly.  It
might mean a lower fish load at first and more prudent feeding.  It might
mean restricting the amount of nitrate containing fertilizer for a while.
Once the plants take off, you may find that keeping nitrates high enough
becomes the challenge.

Tom Wood
In Austin, Texas where murderous maniacs seldom make their way through the
phone lines......