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RE: CO2 leaks

You undoubtedly have a leak.  A leak that would be undetectable without
special effort could empty your bottle overnight.

I emptied a 10 pound bottle this way.  When I had it refilled, the supplier
didn't buy my "growing aquarium plants" story.  It sounded too "fishy".  He
assumed I was growing something less-than-legal to use that much CO2.  I
brought in pictures when I picked up the bottle to prove my case.

Lyndle Schenck

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	> I'm using
		>a bottle that fills with about 2 lb. of CO2 (by weight)
I'm trying to keep it
		>at about one bubble per second.  However it seems like upon
every refill
		>I'm running out of CO2 faster.  How long does a bottle last
for other people?
		>My last refill did not last a week even.

	Two pounds should last a year or more.   Either you are not getting
two pounds or it is running out a lot faster than one bubble per second.
Did you carefully weigh your tank before and after it was filled?   That
would be a cheap way to verify that you got two pounds.   How are you
counting bubbles?  I have seen some bubbles that are huge.   You want your
bubbles to be about 3/32" (2.2mm) in diameter.   Please advise.