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Which banana?

Hugo asked:
	Which banana plant do you mean ? Nymphoides aquatica or Musa
It's the same overhere. I would be suprised if you can keep Musa species
under aquatic low light conditions. Do they function as 'real' aquatic
then (with taking nutrients from the water etc) or do you need special
substrate? Thanks!

	Hugo, My plants are Nymphiodes aquatica and they're growing
	in a densely planted 20 gal. tank without lites over them.
	The only light this tank recieves is from overhead florescents
	in the fishroom. By no means is the tank, itself, lit. The sub-
	strate is plain gravel without additives. Fish load is moderate
	and filtered with a sponge filter. Semi-frequent water changes.
	Actually one of my more neglected tanks. They have not flowered 	for me
but continually produce new leaves and 'bananas'. I don't
	add any fertilizer to this tank and in addition to N. aquatica
	an overgrown E.bleheri, Anubia barteri var. nana and some java
	moss seem to thrive quite well. This tank has been set up for 
	over two years without any serious maintainence.

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