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Re: What's your REAL name? (still off topic)

> Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 04:27:40 -0500
> From: "James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com>
> Subject: What's your REAL name?
> This is a simple request, at least I think it's a simple request. Could
> people please sign their posts with a genuine, honest to goodness, NAME?


> ... I don't know how others feel but I
> have a really hard time either relating to or communicating with someone who
> signs their posts as "Ratfish".

Me too (as they say at AOL). ;-)


> And while you're at it, a location would help too, especially if you are
> commenting about the great "deal" you got.

The explosion of new ISPs has left some old, well-known net courtesy far
behind in the dust, James. There was a time when new subscribers were
provided a simple FAQ that explained how to behave on Usenet or on lists
without accidentally offending others.

While "handles" were discouraged, every single one of them urges use of
the "signature" function of the e-mail editor to supply full name, at
least one alternate (non-Internet) contact method, and a specific
geographical location in every posting. Four lines were suggested as a
reasonable maximum to avoid wasting archive space and "bandwidth."

I have no problem with a young lady using a reasonable-sounding
pseudonym, so she isn't stalked. Likewise it would be wrong to force her
to give telephone or exact street address. SPAMbots have made creative
ways to spell URLs necessary on some newsgroups. It's OK, if a human can
figure it out.

My .sig below is typical (if you discount the sarcastic political

I don't know a lot of editors, but I'll volunteer to try to help those
who contact me off line, if they are having trouble activating their
"signature" function. Be sure to tell me *what* editor is giving you
grief, tho. Oh! Yes. Please RTFM, first, of course. :-)


Wright Huntley, Fremont CA, USA, 510 494-8679  huntley1 at home dot com

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