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Re: CO2 usage question

Dennis wrote:
> I'm using a bottle that fills with about 2 lb. of CO2
> (by weight)  I'm trying to keep it at about one bubble
> per second.  However it seems like upon every refill
> I'm running out of CO2 faster.  How long does a bottle
> last for other people? My last refill did not last a week
> even.

Check for leaks upstream of your bubble counter. You can apply a
mild soap solution or kids bubble solution to suspected leaky areas
- your connection points.  The solution will produce visible bubbles
at any leaky area.  I had a situation once where a "tiny" leak ( based
on the smallness of the bubbles originating from the bubble solution )
really gave off a lot of CO2. This happenned to be at the point where
main regulator connected to integrated needle valve.  Turning the needle
valve only about 1/6 turn solved the problem.

Also,  2 1/2 lb. cylanders should not be difficult for CO2 places to
fill  ( sometimes smaller quanties are ) but fullness can be determined
by a scale before and after filling.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net