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RE: Tiger Lotus Bulbs

Love 'em! Fast growing (under C02). Place the bulbs an organic substrate or
place in a pot w/ lightly fertilized potting soil topped w/ gravel. It
shoots from "eyes" like a potato so keep them free of hair algae. Leaves
are 4 times as large w/ CO2 than w/o CO2. Give it LOTS of light (2) 40W GTE
daylights over a 20gal long in my case. I have great success transferring
the strong, large plants to a pot w/ a fertilizer implanted red clay ball.
When I want the best out of them, I set two up in their own dedicated ten gal.
under CO2 to keep them closer to the lights. I have yet to see a photo on
the net that beats MY lotuses.

Positive Points:

1.	It's gorgeous! NOTHING competes with this plant in 	terms of appearance!

2.	Once it gets going, it grows FAST! (Under C02) 

3.	Easy to propagate by removing adult plants from the 	bulb and replanting
each separately.

	Negative Points:

1.	Surface leaves: w/o strong light its new leaves make a 	B-line for the
surface where they spread out like real 	"lily" pads and block light to
nearby (and no so 	nearby plants).

2.	It grows Wide so consider a large tank (55 or <).