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DIY light reflector ideas

I'm in the middle of another DIY lighting project and I am looking for
reflector ideas.
I know you can buy nice reflectors through the mail but at ~ $40 for two
or three bulbs it just rubs me the wrong way.  I will have a wood frame
around the tank from which I will suspend the 6-8  T8 4' lights.
I love to use common items and make them work for my hobby.
So far I have the following ideas for a reflector:
Use 2  reflectors off of shop lights
Paint thin paneling white and cut as needed.
Use white wavy fiberglass panels like they sell for greenhouses
Split 3 or 4" white PVC pipe in half.
Use the mirrored plastic coating that model plane builders use on

Your ideas would be appreciated

Also if I need to paint a surface what is best?
flat white, gloss white, chrome- metal?


Chris Wells
cdwells at concentric_net