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RE:Lotus and Ottelia

These are 2 very nice plants! It's my understanding that the wholesalers
typically keep the Lotus bulbs and Aponogetons also , not submerged but
in a cool dry place. Like lily bulbs we plant in the spring...........
as soon as we place them in the moist dirt(Or warm tank water) they
sprout up. Perhaps some bulbs have been kept to long(say 2-4 years
before being sold) and aren't viable any longer ? Dessication also
before we(the aquarist) get them ? I've had a couple never shoot new
growth ever, after which in my impatience,I threw them out into a
leftover's bucket. Bulbs still there and hasn't rotted either after
several years. Red Thai lily bulbs are very cheap and a good alternative
also.............. These plants like lots of light(both the Lotus and
the Thai) , Not being disturbed or replanted and alittle iron. They can
be trimmed also  keeping short and compact growth and make a nice
foreground plant in a large tank. Healthy specimens can get too large
for this sometimes though.
      Ottelia is nonexisisant in the USA as far as I can tell. Isn't
Dads in Canada ? Wonder if tell ship down here ? A great plant but
doesn't seem to like water current.
Perhaps buying seeds might be an idea ? If anyone has any other species
of this genera besides this one let me know offlist........Thanks.
Tom Barr