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redid substrate

 "alex pastor" wrote:
>Subject: redid substrate
>I vaccummed out all the gravel from my 30 gallon tank and replaced it with
>Fluorite.  (I put a small layer of Terralit on the very bottom). 

Why did you add Terralit? Flourite is made to be used alone and Terralit is
made to be used under gravel. I think you just wasted money on the
Terralit. You haven't been following the postings about "more" not being

>Should I anticipate ammonia problems after having removed a huge bacterial
>base? pH is 6.6.
>Are there too many fish in there right now given the situation?

You say nothing about plants. I presume you have lots of plants in the
tank. If you do you shouldn't have any big worries about a "cycle"...
however, if all you have is fish (then why would you want Flourite?) you
will have problems.

in Vancouver