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Re: Electric pH reduction

David Wee writes:

> Method of pH reduction:
>  op-amp charging circuit with positive and negative wire nodes in aquarium
>  water....
>  The idea (I think) is that ions will be driven by powerful voltage provided
>  by op-amp 
>  from water into charging receptacle.. I don't know if this makes sense..
>  have to study a lot more.

I'm not sure, but I think I would hesitate to introduce powerful voltages into
a container with living organisms.  Haven't you ever seen those TV murder
movies where the victim dives off the board into a swimming pool and someone
tosses in a plugged-in electric light?
>  Anyone want to figure this out?

No, thanks.  

><snip>>  I'm not gonna claim that my assumptions and premises are correct by
>  means and
>  I hereby declare to detach myself from the claim that anything written here
>  makes sense.

So you're in California, right?  :-)
Bob Dixon