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The best SAE deal in the history of mankind..

Alright, it all started on a routine trip to the local FS (Petco in Orange, CA). I
was there to buy a heater for my tank. I started browsing the tanks when I got
there, as I always do, and noticed a familiar looking fish. "Wow, that fish that is
not an SAE looks remarkably like an SAE," thought I. I looked closer, and mused
further, "Gee, that fish that's not an SAE has the characteristic black stripe,
without the stripe above it..just like an SAE." "Oh, and this miscellaneous fish
also has the stripe extending to the tail, and a non-sucker mouth, and..HOLY
[expletive]!!! That's an SAE!!!" That's when I noticed the other, much larger SAE
in the same tank. We're talking 5" and 4" here. I then searched for a price. Hmm,
nothing listed..better ask one of the workers. The guy doesn't know, and calls the
commissioner on the fish-phone. The commissioner informs him of the situation,
which he promptly relates to me. Well, a person brought these fish in when they
moved. I am thinking, "Well, forget the heater, I have about 14 dollars, this
should be enough, hopefully." That's when the guy says, "Yeah, so since a customer
brought them in, we can't sell them." Ohhh...no... He then says, "So, they're
free." "HOLY [expletive]," says I.

The moral of the story is that if you are penitent before the Fish God, and make
daily feline sacrifices (Fish Gods hate felines) you will be rewarded.