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Re: red lotus bulbs/banana plants

They are
>slowly putting out lanceolate leaves.  I have the bulb bums barely 

Mine never put out lanceolate leaves, did put out nearly quarter-sized 
leaves with long  stems for a while.  Then the leaves got progressively 
larger, and the stems got shorter

>I've seen magnificent specimens of these in display tanks at the lfs. 

REALLY?  all the specimens I've seen at LFS are fairly cruddy, (that 
includes mine before it was pruchased)  

>Now, I have lots and lots of light, soft water, neutral pH, the whole 
>How long do these plants take to grow?  (without CO2 injection.  Other

What's your substrate like?  Otherwise your conditions sound alot like 
mine. Give them about a month to develop a root system, then it'll start 
taking up ground space really quickly!

>Next query:
>According to Rataj, "banana" plants grow in aquaria and the leaves can 
>the surface.  But Baensch says they don't last long.  Which is it?  

I had 4 banana plants in a 65 gallon hex, they sent floating leaves with 
very interesting red textured udersides to the surface for around a 
month, until my "angel"fish were placed back in the tank.  The Angels 
developed a taste for the young leaves reaching for the surface, 
completely cleaning the leaves of the stems.  the plants died after a 
few weeks without new growth and decayed root base and all.  but for the 
time without the angels they were all looking good.  (the distance from 
the surface of the water to the substrate was about 20"  My pH was ~6, 
kitty litter substrate, 150 watts of light)

hope this helps

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