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electronic pH reduction after feeding for ammonium uptake

Here's an idea.. (it's probably dead wrong, but i'm gonna give it a shot)

After feeding, for about up to 40-60 minutes afterwards, you could imagine
that there would be a greater concentration of NH3/NH4+ released by the

If you find a way to temporarily reduce the pH during this window of time,
by LeChaltier's principle, the concentration of NH4+ will increase.
Naturally, this would be ideal for plants given all other growth factors
are optimal (although fish may be turned off by the idea from pH swing)

Pinnacle question:
Is NH4+ uptake faster than the shift "velocity" as NH3 tends towards NH4+,
leaving a "vaccuum" of NH4+ presence?

If this is so, then temporary pH reduction would eliminate or reduce the

Method of pH reduction:

op-amp charging circuit with positive and negative wire nodes in aquarium
The idea (I think) is that ions will be driven by powerful voltage provided
by op-amp 
from water into charging receptacle.. I don't know if this makes sense..
have to study a lot more.

Anyone want to figure this out?

Yes, this all rests on two assumptions, both of which are in question and
not proven (feeding implies
greater NH3 soon thereafter) and (uptake vs leChaltier shift speed)
and numerous small details.. but I hope the big picture makes some sense...

I'm not gonna claim that my assumptions and premises are correct by any
means and
I hereby declare to detach myself from the claim that anything written here
makes sense.