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Black Brush Algae

I've developed a problem with black brush algae. This has has been a
problem for about the last month. My tank is a 30 gallon with a laterite
and gravel substrate, 90 watts of light and pressurized co2. I regularly
have to add KN03 to my tank. Nitrate levels vary from 0 to about 13 ppm.
I'm using RO water and reconstitute with Kent's RO Right. I  add Calcium
and Magnesium at a 3:1 ratio to bring the GH to about 100 ppm. I dose
with Tropica Master Grow and keep iron levels in the range of .05 - .1
ppm. Since I have had the tank running for about the last 6 months, I
have never had a reading for phosphates using  my lamotte test kit. 

The algae is not rampant, but enough to be annoying. My plants are
growing well except when Nitrate levels get below 5 ppm. 

I think my plants nutritional needs are being met, and I don't believe I
have an excess of elements that would cause this problem. 

I'm stumped. I'd welcome any suggestions from the list members 
Henry Hatch
Milford, Ma. 01757
hhatch at sprynet_com