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snails dying... calcium?

I recently tore down tank and "bleach the hell" out of it.
Hell being a nasty filementeous algae problem (Clad.)

I am happy to say that the hair algae has not reappeared but I am trying
to reintroduce the ramshorn snails and I am running into problems.  The
snails (and daphnia too) seem to die within a couple of days.

The first thing that springs to mind would be a calcium deficiency.  I
have not had this problem in any other tanks.  The only significant
changes I have made is to add DIY CO2, and to use crushed granite gravel
(maybe abrasive?) with potted plants.

I added a few limestone rocks and a couple of human calcium pills for a
day and then added a couple more snails last night.  The snails started
eating the pills imeadiately.  There is getting to be a fair amount of
algae so I really need to get those snails working.  

Anyway, with relatively soft water, does adding CO2 nessesitate adding

Thanks in advance