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Re: Plant weights - Fe or Sn/Sb?

Hello All:

> > ... solder for drinking water plumbing is no longer > allowed to contain lead (I have no idea what they have > used instead - silver and some other metal?).
> 	I think it's 95% Tin and 5% Antimony.  I suppose that since this was
> the formulation chosen for household plumbing, it must not to be too
> toxic.  Still, Antimony is in the same periodic table column as Arsenic,
> which gives me pause.
> 	What about using thin soft steel wire?  The local hardware sells 75' of
> #19 (that's skinny -- 1mm) annealed steel wire for $1.50.  It's not as
> pliable as lead, but being thin, is very easy to work with, and it's
> oxidation products are unmysterious and beneficial.
> 	Just a thought... personally, I just jab everything into the Flourite
> and hope for the best (which is why there's a long strand of Ludwigia
> floating around the tank tonight :)
> Sherman

Just a thought here. One of our researchers asked me to obtain some 
Egeria for a prac he had to give. I duly obtained this, and he tested 
a sample to see if the experiment would work. He used some steel wire 
(ungalvanised) to hold it down. Within a day the wire was rusty and 
the plant looked very sick indeed.

Moral of the story: Check on some cheap plants before using anything. 
For the record BTW antimony is non-toxic


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