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Re: filtration in high plant/low stock tanks

Hi everyone:

I've enjoyed the discussion on filtration.  It is very similar to one that
took place on Compuserve's FISHNET a while back.

My thoughts are as follows:

It is my understanding that in an aquarium where the pH would be
sufficiently low ammonium would be present rather than ammonia.  It is also
my understanding that plants prefer to obtain their nitrogen source as
ammonium.  Obtaining their nitrogen source as nitrate forces the plant to
expend energy to convert it back to ammonium prior to uptake.

In a low stock (fish load) tank with plenty of fast growing plants wouldn't
a very efficient biological filter seem to be counterproductive?  Wouldn't
it very quickly convert ammonium to nitrate before plants had a chance to
use it?

Any corrections or opinions are appreciated.


Art Giacosa