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Rainbow Shrimp color change

I have had two rainbow shrimp in my 75 gallon tank for about two weeks and until
recently they were somewhat transparent, light brown, and hard to see.  I have
noticed one of the shrimp darkening up a bit, but this morning, it was a deep, really
colorful, brownish red with a bright yellow stripe down the back.  The tail also had
a bright yellow stripe outlining it.  I am ordering the book that Karen mentioned
about freshwater aquarium shrimp, but I was wondering if anyone out there knows a bit
about shrimp.  Do they ever change color like this and if so, what brings it about? 
I was wondering if maybe I had juvenile shrimp and they just matured, or if they are
now being fed better and after molting, changed color.  I know this is a bit off
topic, but hopefully someone can help me.  I am amazed how much I have enjoyed such
small, hard to find creatures, though it has become much easier to spot the location
of the changed shrimp now, because he/she/it really stands out against my gravel.

Jennifer Glover
(in Maryland, where the sky is confused and trying to snow)