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Treating gravel with acid

>>Hoa is having trouble keeping Otto's alive in his 1-gallon, filterless
>>I am concerned about a statement he made about treating his gravel with
>>acid. What was wrong with your gravel that required treatment with acid? I
>>know that some people recommend treating calcium containing gravel but
>>never really understood the reasoning - if the gravel is CaCO3, it's all
>>gonna dissolve in acid, provided there is enough acid. Wash out the acid
>>what remains will continue to dissolve in your water.
>>You have a one gallon aquarium. Hardly a big volume of gravel. Why not
>>go buy the proper substrate? The acid probably cost you more than a pound
>>quartz gravel would cost.

I have seen silicium sand (sand blasting ?) without  Ca/Mg/etc-carbonates
and sulfates. All other gravel
(in Denmark) is "polluted" with some kind of calculus/chalck/limestone. And
only a very small amount of any of these will  make in vain any attempt to
run a softwater tank. And silicium sand/pepples is too light of color for
the liking of many.
5L of 30% HCl is ~ 7 $ and the process very easy.

A 1 G tank with living oto´s ?

ole.t at larsen_dk