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Re: PMDD Sources

Ryan Ingram wrote:

> Sources for a
> chelated trace mix call for "Plantex's 'CSM'" or "Miller Chemical &
> Fertilizer's 'Microplex'" - I'm guessing that these wouldn't be too hard
> find at a good garden store(am I right?). 

Probably not. I think that for most folks, the trace element mix is the
hardest thing to find.
Microplex is available from at least one mail-order source, but some people
have reservations about the amount of copper it contains. Homegrown
Hydroponics also sells a "Nutrient Six-Pack" that contains all
the PMDD ingredients. A separate trace element mix is available separately
from them also. You can look them up on the web.

> But the other ingredients include
> 1TB MgSO4 + 7H2O, 

Available at Wal-Mart, and most drug stores. It is sold as Epsom Salt.

> 2TB K2SO4, 1TB KNO3. Where can these chemicals be found?

These are included in the Homegrown Six-Pack, but you might save some $$ by
buying them separately. I know that Eco Enterprises (they're a hydroponic
outfit) sells them. They have a web page, but
you may have to call them and inquire directly. Sorry, I don't have their
number. I gave their
catalog to someone else, who was looking for PMDD ingredients.

HTH, Pat Bowerman