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No Subject

Hello Everyone-

I have a couple of questions I would to like to ask of the group.  I have a
26 gallon planted tank and am running an Eheim 2213 canister filter.  I
purchased it from Worldwide Pets Supply.  When I asked the guy there what
was the best way to pack it, this was his suggestion.  Bottom layer: 1 box
Ehfimech (Noodles),  Next: Ehfifix (Easter Grass), Next: "and this is my
biggest question/concern" 1-Chemi-Pure sack, and lastly to fill the
remainder with Filter Fiber.  The only difference with this setup compared
to the one's pictured on the Eheim boxes is the Chemi-Pure is replacing
Ehfisubstrat (Rock like substance).  I question the Chemi-Pure because the
label says it removes copper, metal, ions, odor, all pollution, gaes, CO2!!,
color, Phenol.  I know there are many ways to pack canisters, and a lot is
personal preference, but if anyone knows if it is altogether wrong to have
Chemi-Pure in there, please reply.  I'm not 100% sure what kind of
filtration this is considered "Mechanical, Biological, Chemical, or a
combination of one or more.  Please comment on which is the best method for
live plants, and if changes are needed, what is the suggested way to pack my

Also, I have just installed a DIY CO2 generator.  If anyone has done this
with Eheims I would love to hear your comments.  My biggest question here is
that the impeller is at the top of the canister, which of course means the
bubbles are coming in from the bottom up, and passing through the things I
have it packed before being chopped up by the impeller.  The reason I ask
is, even though I am getting some little bubbles passed out of the outlet
pipe, a bunch seem to build up in the canister.  I know this because shaking
it disperses many bigger bubbles at a much faster rate from the outlet pipe.
Is this normal? Maybe the Chemi-Pure sack is holding them up?

Ok, I suppose I asked more than a couple of questions :)  Any comments are
appreciated.  If more information is needed, or if you would like,
contacting me directly would be fine.

Many Thanks,

Mike G. (msg at laol_net)