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re:"Transformers" at IKEA

ate: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 09:42:52 -0500
From: "Torsten Tiedtke" <ttiedtke at bfree_on.ca>
Subject: "Transformers" at IKEA

Chris Wells mentioned that he found some "transformers" at IKEA
which may be useful for undergravel heating setups...

Caution should be used when using power supplies intended for
low-voltage halogen lighting as many of these supplies aren't actual
transformers, but in fact are non-isolated switching power supplies.

Yes I agree - Caution is the key word
When I posted my reference I thought perhaps I should give a lecture on
safety too but assumed that those who are into DIY tinkering with
electricity and subscribe to this list have heard all about transformers
and the like.   Perhaps that was a bad assumption.   The units at IKEA i
talked about are transformers but there suitability is not assured
without some deeper inspection.  The units I reviewed had the
transformer exposed from the back of the cover and it was clear to see
the base construction and since the covering tape was clear I could see
the separation of circuits so on the surface they do look nice.
European safety standards would not allow the secondary circuit to be
common as in an autotransform, with the primary and then exposed to the
user.  IKEA most likely also has self contained units like the ones
Torsten refered too so one must know the difference!

If I were to pursue this further I would electrically test to see if the
primary and secondary were isolated with a ohm meter and regardless of
construction I would always fuse the primary, use a ground wire in the
tank and a Ground Fault Interupter circuit as extra protection.  IF YOU
get some help or buy an assured safe system that does not need to be
wired.  If you want to learn more I would suggest checking out the topic
at http://www.thekrib.com.

Chris Wells
cdwells at concentric_net