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PMDD ingredients - sources?

Hi All,
      I have already read extensively about PMDD from "the krib" and am
wondering where I might find some of these ingredients. Sources for a
chelated trace mix call for "Plantex's 'CSM'" or "Miller Chemical &
Fertilizer's 'Microplex'" - I'm guessing that these wouldn't be too hard to
find at a good garden store(am I right?). But the other ingredients include
1TB MgSO4 + 7H2O, 2TB K2SO4, 1TB KNO3. Where can these chemicals be found?
I'm no chemist, so any suggestions would be appreciated. I suppose I could
break into my college's chemistry labs but that may cause problems :) =
BTW, I'm joking. Cheers,
Ryan Ingram