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Re: CO2 do I need it?

In a message dated 2/24/1999 2:59:03 PM Central Standard Time, Aquatic-Plants-
Owner at actwin_com writes:

>  > I have 75 gallon tank, about 50 fish, average length of 1,5 inches. The 
>  > tank has lace plant, 2 Amazon sword plants, Vals, Bacopa, Moneywort,
>  > Cryptos. Do I need add CO2 to this tank ? Can the fish produce enough CO2
>  > My fish are healthy and plants looks healthy. Please advise.

Well, about 8 years I was tired of the great stories I was hearing about CO2
when I was having great luck with plants without it so I experimented.

I set up two identical 30 gallon tanks with the exception that one had a yeast
CO2 bottle hooked up to it.  The results astonished me when in the CO2 tank
the Amazon Sword I planted at 9" had outgrown the tank in under 5 months. 
The other tank had the Sword plant barely reaching the water surface.

Since than I have used it intermittently and just recently switched to a
home made system.  I must attest that it does make a difference with every
plant I tried so far.  The only caution point I found was with Crypts that
out than sprang back to life months later stronger than ever.

Getting back to your original question.  Yes, you can have plants without it
but it makes them look so much better and faster growing.