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Re: KNO3

> From: tconnors at webtv_net (Thomas Connors)
> Subject: KNO3
> I couldn't find stump remover at our local garden shop but I did find a
> bag that stated 'potasium nitrate KNO3, guaranteed analysis- total
> nitrogen....13.75% (13.75% nitrogen in nitrate form). Soluble potash
> (K2O) ....44.50%. Would the potash be safe for the planted aquarium? The
> material is small white pellets .

The stuff is KNO3, all right.  The "potash" content is just an odd way
of stating potassium content that results from a convention used for
fertilizers.  For pure KNO3, the N content is 13.9%, the potassium
content is 38.6%, and the "K2O" (which isn't actually there) content
is 46.5%

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada