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One gallon tank

After James wrote:

>>Don't start adding more chemicals to try to control your pH - change the

"John W. Lemons III" wrote:
>Subject: RE: Small 1-gallon tank
>Weenie!  I was going to say the same thing, but you beat me to it!
>PS>  Anyone else here getting tired of Mr. Purchase being so right? ;)

"Mr" Purchase (James' father) was "so right" to have him. :) I agree James
is "Mr. Right" which is not wrong and he may be a "weenie" but he's a very
good quality weenie full of all sorts of nutritious ingredients! ;>  And
BTW I'm sure John was implying nothing else.

getting hungry in Vancouver

And to Hoa of the one gallon tank: I agree with James. Buy different
gravel. Otos are lovely little fish. Don't kill any more. And yes, they
love to have wood to eat on whether or not it is essential I don't know.