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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #859

Please find attached a message from another list re the HAPPY99.EXE File.
ON APD #859- one person mentioned they executed the file and got fireworks and
nothing else. If any one else did the same you need to read the info below.
Guess what you have a problem it is called a "WORM". See the info below and
hopefully you can clean it up.
Be careful don't open *.EXE files on downloads.


John van Rompu

>The worm arrives as an attach in the e-mails as a HAPPY99.EXE file.
>Note:the affected sender does know that the worm appends attaches on sending.

>When an infected attach is executed and gets control, the worm displays a
>funny firework in a program's window to hide its malicious nature. During
>that it installs itself into the system, hooks sendings to the Internet,
>converts its code to the attach and appends it to the messages. As a result
>the worm being installed into the system is able to spread its copies to
>all the address the messages are sent to.

>Removal and Protection

>If the worm is detected in your system you can easy get rid of it just by
>deleting SKA.EXE and SKA.DLL files in the system Windows directory. You
>also should delete the WSOCK32.DLL file and replace it with WSOCK32.SKA
>original file. The original HAPPY99.EXE file should be also located and

>To protect your computer from re-infection you need just to set Read-Only
>attribute for the WSOCK32.DLL file. The worm does not pay attention to
>Read-Only mode, and fails to patch the file. This trick was discovered by
>Peter Szor at DataFellows http://www.datafellows.com 

>The special AVP update (HAPPY.AVC database) allows to stop worm spreading
>and protect your computer from attach. It is distributed for free and is
>available on the AVP Web sites on the world. 

>Easy to Remember

>Do not open and do not execute the HAPPY99.EXE file that you have received
>as an attach in any message ever if you get it from trusted source.  You
>should also remember: the files that you have got from the Internet can
>contain malicious code that may infect your computer,  destroy the data,
>send confidential files to the Internet, or install 
>spy programs to monitor your computer from remote host.

>Opening MS Office files with disabled VirusProtection and executing not
>trusted executable files is extremely risky. You should remember about that
>each time you see an attach in incoming message. 

>Technical Details

>While installing the worm copies itself to the Windows system directory
>with the SKA.EXE name and drops the additional SKA.DLL file in the same
>directory. The worm then copies the WSOCK95.DLL with the WSOCK95.SKA name
>(makes a "backup") and patches the WSOCK95.DLL file. 

>If the WSOCK32.DLL is in use and cannot be opened for writing, the worm
>creates a new key in the system registry to run its dropper on next


>The WSOCK32.DLL patch consists of a worm initialization routine and two
>redirected exports. The initialization routine is just a small piece of
>worm code - just 202 bytes. It is saved to the end of WSOCK32.DLL code
>section (".text" section). The WSOCK95.DLL has enough of space for that,
>and the size of WSOCK32.DLL does not increased during 

>Then the worm patches the WSOCK32.DLL export tables so that two functions
>("connect" and "send") will point to the worm initialization routine at the
>end of WSOCK32.DLL code section.

>When a user is connecting to the Internet the WSOCK32.DLL is activated, and
>the worm hooks two events: connection and data sending. The worm monitors
>the nntp and email ports (25 and 119). When it detects connection by one of
>these ports, it loads its SKA.DLL library that has two exports: "mail" and
>"news". Depending on the port number the worm calls one of these routines,
>but both of them create a new message, 
>insert UUencoded worm HAPPY99.EXE dropper into it, and send to the 
>Internet address.