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RE: CO2- do I need it?

> Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 22:05:24 -0500
> From: Jag Amberkar <amberkar at prodigy_net>
> Subject: CO2- do I need it.
> I have 75 gallon tank, about 50 fish, average length of 1,5 inches. The 
> tank has lace plant, 2 Amazon sword plants, Vals, Bacopa, Moneywort, Hygro, 
> Cryptos. Do I need add CO2 to this tank ? Can the fish produce enough CO2 ? 
> My fish are healthy and plants looks healthy. Please advise.

Need:  NO
Will it improve things:  Probably

Another questions is:  How much lighting do you have?

The more lighting, the greater difference adding CO2 will make.

I ran a 75G tank for about 6 months with no CO2 addition.  I had 120W of
florescent lighting on it.  Plants did very well.  I've now added CO2
recently. I've seen a very marked increase in growth of some plants.
Others are simply more green, and look generally more healthy.  Still
others seem totally unaffected by the addition of CO2.

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