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T-8 or T-12!?

Hello again fellas,
        Interesting discussions we have, huh?  Well, I need some help
(again).  Does anyone know (well, of course someone out there knows)
what type of a light fixture size I should get?  I'm buying a 2-bulb 24"
light strip, and they have it available in T-8 and T-12.  The lady said
T-12 is more common, and suggested that one.  But when I came home and
checked my bulbs and the catalogue, I found that most of the bulbs are
T-8.  Does this even make a difference?
        Thanks a lot for your help!


If you could reply by this afternoon... :)

Thanks for the tip about the champagne yeast!  A friend and I went up to
a nearby town to get some packets, they work great!