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CF & transformer from IKEA

I was poking around at the local IKEA and found some interesting items
relative to plant tanks.  for those who don't know - IKEA is a large
discount scandinavian furniture and accessories for the house kind of
store - I think it is a big chain.

Anyways I found two interesting items
1) A series of  inexpensive CFs similar in style to the GE Biax lights
but only $5.96 for a 11,15 or 20 W version (all the same price).  Very
little data on the light, just an electrical rating.  The color is
similar to incandescent perhaps a shade more blue.  I bought 4 of the 20
W and have started playing around with ideas.  As to output the only
statement is that it is equal to a typical 100 W incandescent light
wise.  I assume that it has an electronic ballast but I'd have to bust
one open to prove it.  They even have an extra dinky 5 W version that
would be great for that little 2 gallon on the office desk idea.  As in
the GE biax they have a twist incandescent base and  are intended for
dry environments but hey so are standard fluorescent tubes. Should be ok
with glass top.

2) Possible transformer for undergravel heating - They have a line of
low voltage lighting where you buy a transformer and cables to string
across a  ceiling then attach lights where you want, clamped onto the
cables.  Well the transformer output is 12VAC and it is capable of
driving 7 - 20 W bulbs so at best 140 W and if you are smart and cut the
rating in half to just 70 W this would be perfect for an undergravel
cable heating transformer for say a 75 gallon tank.  The transformer
comes already housed with a nice cover, has nice tie points for the low
voltage cable but needs to be wired on the primary side.  The only down
side is that I could only find it as a kit with the lighting cables and
ceiling mounts for ~ $59.  They had a couple of different designs - for
esthetic reasons.
I don't know if this is too expensive since I bought my systems
transformer for $20 as a salvage item.  Still there is a chance that
they sell the transformer separately and it is rather nicely contained.
As to safety the European transformer designs are very strict and this
unit most likely has much better winding to winding spacing than those
designed in the US.  [I think I'm a good judge on this since I work as
an Elec. Eng. and deal with such safety issues on products that my
company sends to Europe].  The transformer is an interesting torroid
design that allows it to be a little smaller and perhaps more efficient
than the big clunky units you typically see in the states.

Your thoughts on my findings ?

Chris Wells
cdwells at concentric_net