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RE: Small 1-gallon tank

RE: Small 1-gallon tank
>Hoa is having trouble keeping Otto's alive in his 1-gallon, filterless
>I am concerned about a statement he made about treating his gravel with
>acid. What was wrong with your gravel that required treatment with acid? I
>know that some people recommend treating calcium containing gravel but I've
>never really understood the reasoning - if the gravel is CaCO3, it's all
>gonna dissolve in acid, provided there is enough acid. Wash out the acid
>what remains will continue to dissolve in your water.
>You have a one gallon aquarium. Hardly a big volume of gravel. Why not just
>go buy the proper substrate? The acid probably cost you more than a pound
>quartz gravel would cost.
>Don't start adding more chemicals to try to control your pH - change the
>James Purchase

Weenie!  I was going to say the same thing, but you beat me to it!

PS>  Anyone else here getting tired of Mr. Purchase being so right? ;)