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Triangular Moss / Willow Moss

Kah Cheong writes:
>Kwek Leong writes:
>>You won't see this plant in any of Amano's Nature Aquarium Books.  This
>>is because even Amano didn't know of it's existence until he came to
>>Singapore during Aquarama 97.  He took some with him home and a few
>>months later, one of the pictures in his Japanese verion of the Aqua
>>Journal featured this plant.

>For those who wants to know what this "Triangular Moss" is, I have a link
>two pictures by Amano found in his second book (page 20) Nature Aquarium
>World Japanese version published 1st May 1994. In the book the plant is
>called "Amazon Willow Moss" in Japanese (Katagana) and "unknown" in

On a related note, I just picked up v. 35 of AqualJournal (the english
edition) and was musing over the color of his Willow Moss.  I've got what is
purported to be Fontinalis antipyretica (from Arizona Aquatic Gardens), but
it is not nearly the emerald green that Amano's appears to be -- mine seems
to be mostly a dark "olive green".  It doesn't show the triangular habit
that the URL above shows, although none of the Fontinalis in this issue of
the magazine appears to either (although the picture cited above certainly
does).  Does anyone know if this is actually one, two or three different
species we're looking at here?  Anyone have a US source for anything that
looks like the picture referenced above? :-)

Slight aside -- what little I managed to find of Fontinalis care (a brief
mention on The Krib) suggested that it's a cold water plant -- 68F and
below...  One of my tanks runs 74 - 76 and the other 78 - 84; the stuff
grows in both, but could this account for the color difference?  Any other
suggestions on the care of this stuff (whatever it actually is)?

- Chuck