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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #862

Aquatic Plants Digest a écrit :
> Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 05:25:05 -0500
> From: "Christopher Coleman" <christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net>
> Subject: Fine tuning

> You will probably here more suggestions from others.

I've already received some by mail, many thanks to them. 
It's a gold mine !

> I can see some problematic areas:
> 1)  The iron supplementation.  Duplaplant24 is iron.  It is designed
>      ( along with Duplaplant ) to be the only supplemented iron source.
>      Thus the Ferrogan Fluid is likely creating transient iron condition
>      at elevated levels.   You are targeting 1mg/L iron.  It is
>      often recommended to target 0.1mg/L.

You are right, i was wrong. I understand that now. My Fe target will 
be 0.1 mg/L.
> 2)  Nitrogen sources are 0.0
> The combination above taken seperately are not necessarily good; taken
> together they are not a good.  They are high risk algae.  I would cut back
> on the iron and increase the nitrogen.  I would think about more fine
> tuning only after these have had a chance to produce their effect.

That's what i'm going to do. Work on Iron and Nitrogen for the coming
And trace elements and PPMD.

Many thanks to you.
Cordialement - Best regards ,
Daniel DESURMONT   Roubaix, North-France, United States of Europe