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Re: Giant Plant (E. Osiris)

Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> Holly,  I had this same sort of experience.  I bought an
> Echinodorus osiris early on in my plant tank experience. 

Such a coincidence that 2 hobbyists should talk about their Echinodorus
Osiris when just yesterday night, I pulled out mine.  My Osiris had been
growing in my 4 feet tank for about one and a half years.  Just like
yours, mine puts out a new leaf everyday but they are much taller.  It
leaves are (hold your breath) 3 feet tall.  I made the mistake of
planting it a bit too close to one side of the tank, resulting in its
leaves all bending to one side.  Well, who knows it will grow to such
gigantic proportions.  When I planted it, it was only 6 inches tall.

My wife had actually been bugging me to get rid of it for some time but
I just couldn't work up the courage to do it.  Anyway, I decided a few
days ago to re-do the whole tank with the Triangular Moss as the main
theme.  So, last night, I went to work.  First I slowly dig away the
substrate around the base of the plant.  Then I shuffed in a pair of
scissors and cut a circle around the base.  I then gripped the plant
tightly and rocked it to and fro until it came loose.  It was a real
giant.  When I gave it to a fish shop, the owner gasped in amazement. 
"Alamak, sayang lah" was what he said.  It means "What a pity".  Well, I
can tell you that's really true, it really hurts to pull out a plant
that is growing so well.  

As far as I know, how big your Osiris grows depends a lot on the depth
of the substrate that it is planted in.  Mine is about 3 inches. 
Besides that, I also have about 6 fertiliser balls around the base of
the plant.  When I pulled it out, all the balls came out with it, the
roots have pierced right through them.

Loh K L