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RE:Rock wall

I saw an interesting set up a fellow did with his reef tank and it would
work with FW also. He drilled holes into the rocks and used steel
(stainless) rods and stacked the rocks right up to the surface. Lava
rocks would work nice for this or other "softer" rocks. Kinda a pain
though....but movable and non-permanant.Also check the FAMA archives for
If you like slate or other flat type rocks , using a glass sheet as kind
of a roof base and gluing on the rocks in a shingle type fashion.This
takes some work also but is very beautiful and worth it !
This is my favorite for a back wall but it's not rock..........
Use cork backing glued to back of the tank.You can attach
ferns,Anubias,moss, and have "a wall of plants " instead of rock.I use a
dark cork siliconed to back of my tanks.It's about 3/8-1/2" thick and
smells kind of smoky.It last for years also . This is found at hardware
stores and I can't recommend the thin light colored cork at all .
Attaching things to this is many times easier than wood or rocks.
Bending wire (picture) into U shapes you can simply push the U shaped
nail into the cork and attach any plant.
You don't have to stop there folks.........Using glass slats with a
piece of cork glued on you can create terraces and attach ferns to hide
them the cork completly.......There are many uses and only your own
imagination hold you back........yes even topiary!
Tom Barr        AGA/SFAS