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Giant sword plant

I never thought I'd regard this as a problem, but I have a sword plant that's
too big.  When I bought it at the local huge commercial pet place (I *know*
what you're thinking but they keep the plants in a separate tank) it had a tag
that said "Echinodorus osiris."  For a long time, I had trouble getting it to
stay alive, let alone grow.  Then I potted it with some richer substrate and
it improved, and it became a darker green with sturdy leaves that were about
3" long.  Then I put it in my 55 which has better light and substrate.  Well,
now it's the Sword Plant that Ate Manhattan.  This thing gets a new leaf every
day, and the leaves are now at least 6" long.  I'm about to introduce a yeast
CO2 bottle, and I'm kind of afraid of what's going to happen to this plant!
Does anyone have any advice on pruning sword plants?