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Fine tuning

Daniel Desurmont  wrote:

You will probably here more suggestions from others.

I can see some problematic areas:

1)  The iron supplementation.  Duplaplant24 is iron.  It is designed
     ( along with Duplaplant ) to be the only supplemented iron source.
     Thus the Ferrogan Fluid is likely creating transient iron condition
     at elevated levels.   You are targeting 1mg/L iron.  It is
     often recommended to target 0.1mg/L.

2)  Nitrogen sources are 0.0

The combination above taken seperately are not necessarily good; taken
together they are not a good.  They are high risk algae.  I would cut back
on the iron and increase the nitrogen.  I would think about more fine
tuning only after these have had a chance to produce their effect.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net