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Triangular Moss

Hi, folks,

Have any of you tried growing Triangular Moss?  I'm not sure of its name
because this plant is not catalogued in any of the aqua-plant books I
As far as I know, even Oriental Aquarium who publishes the Oriental
catalogue of aqua-plants doesn't know its name.  But it's a moss.  It
looks like Java Moss, same colour except that its leaves grow in
triangular shapes.

About 2 months ago, I managed to get a bunch through my connections with
one of the fish shops over here.  This plant is quite common in the
display tanks of fish shops here but they usually won't sell it unless
you are a regular customer.  As far as I know, the plant is from Taiwan.

Anyway, I tied them to several pieces of driftwood and place them inside
my balcony tank.  Ever since then, they have been growing beautifully. 
The tank in my balcony is kind of a nursery.  I'm hope I don't sound
like I'm boasting but almost any plant I put inside there grows.  I
don't use any artificial lighting, only CO2 and liquid fertiliser
(PMDD).  Light comes naturally from the sun and because it's an outdoor
tank, the temp is usually quite low, about 26 Centigrade.  Those tanks I
have indoors are usually 2 to 3 degrees higher.  

You won't see this plant in any of Amano's Nature Aquarium Books.  This
is because even Amano didn't know of it's existence until he came to
Singapore during Aquarama 97.  He took some with him home and a few
months later, one of the pictures in his Japanese verion of the Aqua
Journal featured this plant.  

If you think Java Moss is beautiful, you will love this Triangular
Moss.  In Singapore, it has another nickname - The Christmas Tree. 
Because that's what it really looks like when growing well on a piece of
driftwood positioned vertically.  The leaves will overlap one another
and point outwards in triangular shapes.

If you like to get your hands on this plant, sorry, I can't help you. 
But you can try asking your fish shops to bring it in.  Problem is, like
I said, nobody seems to know it's real name.

Loh K L