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CO2 uptanke and pH change

If I could find where I read this, I wouldn't post it.  But...searched high
and low to no avail.

In the a.m. before the lights go on the pH is 6.8.
In the p.m. when the lights go out the pH is 7.3
I read (somewhere) that this change gives an indication as to the amount of
CO2 being used up by the plants.  Aside from the bare bones info that I can
remember, can someone give me more info.

I don't use CO2 injection.  My fish are fine, no illness, growing well etc.
My plants have to be pruned every three weeks.  GH 3  KH 3.5, get PMDD,
Terralit in substrate.  Am going to add some Fluorish tabs (if and when I
get them, MOPS).  30% weekly water change with added Potassium or leaves go
yellow.  No algae problem whatsoever.  3Watts per gallon. (All kinds of
plants "it's a jungle in there")

Aside from chemical formulas (too braindead right now to understand any but
the most rudimentary), I would like some written feedback.  Thanks