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Long Life Eheims

Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> > I have never seen any part of a fluval go bad with proper
> > maintenance.  After 10 years, a motor did go bad, but 10years is a pretty
> > long time.

Among the many Eheims that I have, 2 (models 2013) were bought 15 years
ago in 1984.  They have been running 24 hours a day non-stop since the
day I bought them.  On one of these 2, the ceramic shaft inside the
impeller has broken into 3 tiny pieces.  Yet, the filter still works
although it gives off a whirring noise.  About 2 years ago, I woke up
one morning to find that on the other 2013, there was a kink in one of
the filter hoses.  The thing was jammed and the filter must have stopped
running for 10 hours at least.  The filter was hot to the touch but
after hosing it down with cool water, it worked again.

I've never use a Fluval but when compared to an Eheim, the former looks
like a toy.

Anyway,  there is now a new cannister filter in the market that looks
better than either a Fluval or an Eheim.  It's a Jacqno (not sure of
spelling) and I think it's from Japan.  The last time a fish shop owner
demonstrated its workings to me, I was impressed.  It can do a couple of
things that neither a Fluval nor an Eheim can.  However, it also costs a
lot more than these 2 brands.

Loh K L